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General warranty conditions

§ 1 General provisions
  1. Natural person, conducting business - Sandra Debska, based in Kalisz 12 Platanowa Street , 62-800
    Kalisz, holding NIP 6182184404, REGON 524105118 hereinafter referred to as the "Manufacturer", hereby grants the recipient -.
    hereinafter referred to as "Customer" Warranty Card for the PIANO GUARD SYSTEM device hereinafter referred to: "Device"
    GUARANTEE under the terms and conditions described in this document hereinafter referred to as: "OWG".
  2. Before using the Device, please read carefully the enclosed instruction manual.
  3. The Device should be installed by an installer trained by the Manufacturer.
§ 2 Warranty period
  1. The warranty is provided for a period of 24 months.
  2. The warranty period is calculated from the date of delivery to the Customer of the device purchased by the Customer. Defects of the device, notified Manufacturer after the warranty period has expired, are not covered by the warranty.
  3. The Customer is entitled to pursue warranty claims also after the period referred to in paragraph 1.
    if he notified the Manufacturer of the defect during this period.
  4. If it becomes necessary to import spare parts from abroad for warranty repair, the guarantor
    reserves the right to extend the repair period.
§ 3. Warunki gwarancji
  1. The warranty shall cover all defects revealed during the period referred to in § 2 section 1 of the GTC, arising from reasons
    inherent in the Equipment sold.
  2. The warranty does not cover defects in the Equipment resulting from:
    • mechanical damage,
    • use and maintenance contrary to the recommendations of the operating instructions or the intended use of the Device,
    • fortuitous events including lightning, fire, flooding, high temperatures and chemical agents
      chemical agents,
    • malfunctions caused by independent repairs, modifications and structural changes,
    • improper installation (assembly) and configuration (inconsistent with the rules contained in the manual), including improper
      power supply and connection of external devices that may damage the Device.
    • improper installation (assembly) of the device, i.e. by yourself or by an individual not trained to do so
      individual, not having the authorization of paragraph 5 of this section.
  3. Violation by the Customer of the security features of the Device (seals, warranty stickers, stickers containing the serial number
    serial number), as well as if the Customer makes any modifications to the Device or repairs the Device without following the procedure
    specified in the OWG - shall result in termination of this warranty.
  4. The warranty does not cover the User's claims resulting from poor selection of the device in relation to the owned
  5. Connection and installation of the equipment must be made by an installer - trained by the Manufacturer, who will confirm the connection and installation.
    connection and installation in the warranty card. In the absence of the seal and signature of the installer on the Warranty Card,
    warranty expires.
  6. The condition for the continuity of warranty rights is to replace the consumable parts, i.e. the cellulose pad
    cellulose flake every 6 months, and to refill the tank with demineralized water at the time of receiving a message about such a need
    such need. If the above requirements are not observed, the warranty will expire.
  7. The Warranty Card must not bear traces of alterations, corrections and deletions. In case of loss of the Warranty Card, no
    a duplicate shall be issued.
  8. The warranty does not cover those parts of the Device that are subject to normal wear and tear and require replacement of components and
    materials that wear out in the course of the intended use of the Device. This includes, among others, cellulose flakes
    cellulose flakes, which must be replaced according to the controller's message and the schedule specified in the Operation Manual.
  9. The warranty period does not extend due to the warranty benefit. This also applies to replaced or repaired parts.
  10. Warranty repair will be carried out immediately after the Manufacturer receives the device from the Customer but no later than within 21 days of its receipt. The provision of paragraph 2, section 4 hereby applies accordingly.
  11. With the replacement of the device or its important part, in accordance with Article.581 §1 of the current version of the Civil Code, the warranty period warranty period begins anew.
  12. The warranty expires if the device is repaired or otherwise interfered with in the design and construction of the device by an unauthorized person or with the use of non-original spare parts without prior agreement with the Manufacturer
§ 4 Complaint notifications
  1. The claim should be made in writing immediately after its discovery and include:
    • data of the Customer,
    • data of the person reporting the defect (if the person reporting the defect is a person other than the Customer, e.g. Professional Installer
    • scan of the original Warranty Card,
    • original or copy of the proof of purchase (invoice, receipt),
    • serial number of the device,
    • detailed description of the device defect and when it appeared.
  2. Making a complaint application in violation of paragraph 1 may prolong the process and period of processing the complaint or result in its non-acceptance.
  3. The complaint notification along with the advertised device should be delivered to the address:
    Sandra Dębska,
    12 Platanowa St., 62-800 Kalisz
  4. The Customer should adequately secure the Device for the period of transport within the scope of the complaint notification, so that it is not further damaged.
  5. For the purpose of making an immediate warranty claim during the warranty period, before sending a written claim form with the defective Device, the Customer may make a claim via e-mail to the manufacturer's address:
  6. Making a complaint notification during the warranty period, in electronic form, with the data referred to in par. 4 paragraph 1 is sufficient to consider that the notification was made within the warranty period.
§ 5 Rights and obligations of the manufacturer
  1. If the complaint is accepted, the Manufacturer undertakes to repair or replace free of charge the of the defective Device for a new one, if the defect is found to be impossible to repair.
  2. If the repair or replacement of the Device with a new one will cause disproportionately high costs for the Manufacturer or will be impossible, the Manufacturer shall return the price paid to the Customer and the Customer shall return the Device to the Manufacturer.
  3. If, at the time of repair or replacement, the Device is no longer manufactured or is no longer manufactured in the same version, the Manufacturer is authorized to replace it with a similar product with inferior parameters.
  4. In cases of dispute, the Complaint will be considered by the Manufacturer within 30 days from the date of notification with the submission of the necessary information or documents to assess the validity of the claims.
  5. The Manufacturer, before deciding whether to accept a complaint, may require the Customer to provide information or present the documents referred to in § 4 paragraph 1 of the GTC. In this case, the deadline indicated in paragraph 5 may be extended by the time waiting for a response from the Customer.
  6. If the complaint is not accepted, the Device will be returned to the Customer
§ 6 Final provisions
  1. In case of disagreement of assessments regarding the occurrence or non-occurrence of a defect, the parties may refer to the assessment of an expert or testing unit appointed by mutual agreement. The cost of the expert opinion will be settled as agreed between the Manufacturer and the Customer.
  2. Any questions and doubts concerning the handling of complaints should be addressed to the Manufacturer of the Device phone: +48 668 187 887, e-mail:
  3. The warranty does not exclude, limit or suspend the Customer's rights under the statutory warranty for defects of goods sold.
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