Install Piano Guard
Install Piano Guard
How does Piano Guard System work?
Piano Guard System, is a device that, by measuring temperature and humidity, based on advanced sensors, is able to provide the right climate for the instrument. By responding precisely to the changing environment, the instrument is kept in perfect condition.
The Piano Guard System is installed under the resonant bottom of the instrument, between the beams of the instrument's frame - in such a way that it is 90% invisible to the user.

Humidity 60%

Once the device detects that the humidity in the instrument has exceeded 60%, it starts the process, which involves drying the instrument's resonant bottom batch.

Humidity 45%

If the humidity level is less than 45%, the device starts a humidification process that balances the humidity level to the correct values.
What does the Piano Guard System consist of?

Set of temperature and humidity sensors

Sensors located inside the resonance box are responsible for the precise measurement of humidity and air temperature.
The system continuously measures the humidity and temperature of the air in the instrument, so it reacts instantly to any changes in the environment to keep the quality of your instrument unchanged


Dehumidifiers designed specifically for the Piano Guard system. For their operation they use the phenomenon of spinning currents of warm air, thanks to which they efficiently eliminate excessive amounts of moist air in the instrument.
They are activated immediately when the humidity level in the instrument exceeds 60%

Air humidifier

A component of the device responsible for humidifying air whose humidity is less than 45%. During operation, the humidifier draws water from the built-in reservoir, and then heats it to a temperature of about 70°C. Automatic temperature control allows to efficiently increase the humidity of the air while eliminating condensation.
It is activated immediately when the humidity level in the instrument is less than 45%.

Information Panel

Elegant accessory, mounted anywhere. Allows you to easily check the operating status of the device.
Built-in LEDs discreetly operating system components at the moment and necessary operating activities.

Device controller

The heart of the system, the central unit. Mounted inside the instrument, it is invisible to the user.
It is responsible for controlling the operation of all components of the device. It also communicates with the cloud application in real time providing information on the status of the device and instrument.

Web and mobile application

The web and mobile application allow you to track the results of measurements in your instrument and monitor its status in real time, thanks to the built-in protocols we can easily check the status of the device's operation and conveniently display all parameters.
The app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

PIANO GUARD SYSTEM, a premium product.

The device is distinguished by the high quality of the raw materials and materials used, is carefully crafted with attention to detail, while performing an extremely constructive function in the field of keyboard instruments - which is to take care of the microclimate of the piano or grand piano in apartments, homes, schools, music academies, smaller or larger concert halls.
Taking care of the environment in which the piano is located ensures, among other things, its functionality, stable tuning, maintaining tonality or maintaining proper playing weight. A stable environment equals the life of the instrument.
The device was designed and completely manufactured in Poland.

What's the harm to our instruments at home, in the hall or on stage?

Based on the recommended conditions for the instrument, there are a number of risks that we do not pay attention to on a daily basis. However, for the instrument they can have a very negative impact.

High humidity

Indoor humidity exceeding 60%. Areas close to nature (forests, seas, lakes, meadows) are particularly vulnerable.

Low humidity

Humidity in the room below 45%.
Such a value is most often found in cities.

Rapid changes in conditions

Too rapidly changing environmental conditions through frequent opening of doors, windows.

Distance from heat sources

Too little distance of the instrument from any kind of heat source such as radiators, fireplaces or underfloor heating.

Install PianoGuard

Piano Guard System can be installed in an instrument by a certified installer.


Advantages of installing the PIANO GUARD SYSTEM device in your instrument:

Longer life of the instrument

Extends the life of the instrument and its individual parts

of tone

Maintains the durability of the tuning and its tone


Zapobiega procesowi korozji stalowych elementów instrumentu

to the eye

Once installed, invisible to the user


Quiet, virtually inaudible operation


Has easy and free access to humidity measurements on mobile and web app


Alarms with messages about the needs of the device

in Poland

Piano Guard is entirely designed and manufactured in Poland

Take care of your instrument

Protecting your instrument and preserving its aesthetic and sonic qualities is now possible with the innovative PIANO GUARD SYSTEM. Enjoy the excellent sound quality of your instrument!

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