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Piano Guard System FAQs

Why is the PIANO GUARD SYSTEM device necessary for instruments?

Pianos and grand pianos are exceptional instruments characterized not only by their external beauty but also by their sound harmony. The construction of the instrument and each of its sounds consists of a large number of parts, from wooden to steel, metal, brass, felt, cashmere, and others. Each of these parts needs appropriate environmental conditions to function correctly. Every material used in the construction of a piano is very demanding. For the instrument to play melodically, to maintain the proper weight of play, key weight, string tension, or bridge pressure, it needs the right climate. A climate that is stable and friendly to each part. A climate that maintains humidity between 40%-65% and a temperature of 20C (+/- 2C). By keeping the instrument in such conditions, the system ensures that its owner does not have to worry about its constant detuning, and even its potentially costly renovation. Thanks to the appropriate conditions maintained by the Piano Guard System, the instrument will be more durable, better maintaining its tone and tuning.

How does the Piano Guard System work?

The Piano Guard System is installed in a piano or grand piano by a qualified tuner. About 90% of the device is invisible to the user. It is mounted under the soundboard of the instrument, between the beams. The visible element is an information panel mounted under the keyboard table. The panel informs the user about any alerts, such as the need to add water to the tank. Thanks to specially designed sensors, the device collects data on humidity and temperature levels. Based on the collected data, the control board sends tasks as needed, either to dry out the instrument or to humidify it. All data is stored in the "cloud". Each user receives free access to both a mobile and web application where they register their device. There, the user can see the humidity level of the device and any alerts.

What function does the PIANO GUARD SYSTEM serve in pianos and grand pianos?

The Piano Guard System is a device that monitors and stabilizes the humidity level and temperature of the instrument's microclimate. It ensures that the instrument is kept in conditions appropriate for it, maintaining humidity between 40%-65%. The Piano Guard System also has a notification function that alerts the user of any arising issues through a mobile application.

Does my instrument need the PIANO GUARD SYSTEM?

Factors that may prompt you to consider installing the Piano Guard System include:
- Highly unstable conditions in the room where the instrument is kept, such as constant opening of windows or doors;
- Underfloor heating;
- Frequent detuning of the instrument;
- Clearly audible change in tone, sound;
- Clearly audible dull sounds;
- Heavy keyboard action, noticeable key friction;
- Visible rust appearing on strings or steel parts of the instrument's casing;
- High frequency of broken strings;
- Emerging cracks in the instrument's soundboard;
- Emerging cracks in the bass or violin bridge;
- Issues encountered during tuning of the instrument.

Where can I order the Piano Guard System?

Please contact us through the form located on the CONTACT page.

Does the Piano Guard System come with a warranty?

Yes, the Piano Guard System comes with a 2-year warranty. More details can be found under the WARRANTY TERMS tab.

Who can I contact if I need technical support?

Please contact us through the form located on the CONTACT page or in our PianoApp.

Can I order the hydration system device? "Watering can"?

Please contact us through the form located on the CONTACT page.

Can I become a certified installer of the Piano Guard System?

Please contact us through the form located on the CONTACT page.
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